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Altus Group Limited is a Canadian commercial real estate services and software company, based in Toronto, Ontario. The company claims that 46 out of the top 50 commercial real estate owners use one of its products. It is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of around $1 billion as of 2017. The company has annual revenue of $475 million, 2,500 employees.

A former employee mentioned, "Average job but the opportunity for advancement, despite performance at Altus Group is a long shot at best. Senior management is very insular and try to protect there role / standing / salary...etc. in the firm."


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Tax (Former Employee) says

"Average job but the opportunity for advancement (despite performance) is a long shot at best. Senior management is very insular and try to protect there role / standing / salary...etc. in the firm."

Corporate back office (Former Employee) says

"When you combine the worst direct manager I have had in my career, no room for career progression whatsoever and the most standoffish team I have ever work with I had to move on to a smaller firm."

Associate Manager (Current Employee) says

"If your a new graduate with no work experience or average grades this place is for you. I know, its a tough intro, but its true (at lease for me) in my times there. Titles are meaningless. I have interacted with numerous high level staff and I always step away from the conversation with these individuals and ask myself - How on earth are these people managers? Don't even get me started on other departments. It's painful."

Costing (Current Employee) says

"Senior Management needs to work on its communication skills with more junior employees The HR department does not know what it is doing - probably the worst I have seen at any company I have ever been at. Don't even get me started on IT.....OMG."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Not a team environment among my group. HR doesn't support your if you come to them with issues. However, they did hire me with no work industry experience."

IT (Former Employee) says

"Basic and rudimentary for a corporate work environment during my time there.......not advanced in any best practices in any office function....this includes HR and IT......"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Weak employee & work culture in my mind. I worked at one of there main competitors a few years ago and the contrast in stark including..... a) much lower pay, b) higher turnover, c) poor back office functions (IT & HR) Health benefits are standard and locations are alright."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Very confusing team / work environment from Day 1 . Not sure how to improve the situation at this point. Most senior staff are unapproachable and more interested in protecting their status. I am still currently working here and wouldn't recommend this place to a friend or former coworker."

Associate / Manager (Current Employee) says

""Great" firm to work at. What a "great" firm to work at. I cannot understate how "great" this place is to work at. If you like dusty office spaces and a sterile work environment then this place is for you ! This place is an "exciting", "dynamic" and "challenging" work environment. I cannot stress that this place is a "great" firm to work at."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Know what your getting into before you walk in the door at this place Ask HR tough questions !!! I left my job for a little more money to come here and I really regret it - went back to my original place after I realized there wasn't grass on the other side......"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Maybe because I am a new grad but I found this place very old school in every sense of the imagination. Everyone around me is near retirement. Not sure how to climb the corporate ladder when everyone is very senior making high salaries and not wanting to give that up."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"No process what so ever !! They are specialty real estate consulting firm - its laughable !! Ask 3 people the same question you'll get 3 different answers....... Senior management places walls around them to protect themselves within the firm......."

Tax Associate (Current Employee) says

"Difficult to stay motivated everyday..... Every morning is tough to get up and go to work.... Not a pleasant team / direct management that I work with....."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Place for new grads if you want to get experience in the real estate industry. Had no experience whatsoever and I got hired. Pay is lower than average (compared to other firms). Vacation and health benefits are typical. Move on after a year or so once I got some experience. Not worth staying the long term."

Forester in Training (Former Employee) says

"When I first started at Altus Environmental and Forestry back in 2006 I was given a computer from 1995 to do all my work on that was impossibly slow. Literally the cursor would turn for 2 and half minutes every time I made one small decision on the computer. The only way the supervisors can possible make themselves look good is by making you look bad (especially behind closed doors). And communication with supervisors is a waste of time, selfish and stupid. I was laid off because my supervisor was completely incompetent, stupid, rude, arrogant, and full-of-her-self. She lost all of her contracts and needed mine to keep her job. She scapegoated all of her mistakes onto me and then manipulated me into signing for them promising me a fake bonus, I never got. I heard she was fired back in 2007; good. My Sponsoring Forester was useless too. They had no idea what is on the RPF test, and don't care. To meet with them was a 'bother', both times, over the period of a year. They had no notes to give and were not supportive at all. Then when all three FITs failed the RPF exam they threatened all three of us with termination and had us sign a threatening ignorant letter, that was unnecessary, and moronic. They literally spent more time with threats and manipulations then with honest help. I don't even think they understand what honest help is. Their job performance review was brutal too. They pull you into a room, completely unprepared, rub some small mistake you made six months ago in you face repeatedly, and babel nonsense non stop. Then when you are so stupefied by how unprofessional"

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"If you looking for the C team, you will find plenty of that and more here. Average to below average on all metrics you would evaluate a place to work (i.e job work/life balance, salary and benefits, management and work culture....etc). ."

Associate Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The day-to-day work environment can be best described as uninspiring. Prickly senior staff makes it difficult any junior employees to advance within the company. This place is perfect for new grads or someone who has no work experience"

Junior Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Mediocre at best compared to the 3 other firms I have worked at in my career. Ask yourself what your looking for in your next role. I didn't and it was a huge mistake."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Unfriendly work environment - manager was difficult to approach. Process is disorganized, therefore it will take you long time to find the information your are looking for. Don't be a team player, focus on yourself and you will be fine.None at all.Bad Manager. Bad Process. Bad Times."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place is top heavy with so many senior staff. I have never seen so many directors in my life. Go to the Tim Hortons across the street and they are all sitting there - its 10am ! Most managers get promoted because of service years and not on the ability to manage staff.None at all.See review above."

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